Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sew Dramatic, Sew Gabriola

Being fairly new to sewing, I think its fair to say that my knowledge independent patterns was pretty limited. Visiting blogs and site has opened a whole new world of intrigue, so one Sunday morn I decided to bite the bullet, order one and try it out. My choice, the Gabriola skirt from Sewaholic.

Reading about the Sew Dramatic, Sew Gabriola  competition at Stitch 56, my initial thought was "nah", I'd not wear it, not  really my style. Then I saw a Styling Inspiration piece by Caroline Amanda  at Sewaholic. This did it, inspiration kindled, and a "what the heck, give it ago, its only a piece of fabric at the end of the day" approach.

Suggested fabric is a soft cotton lawn, but I found a lovely Polyester Lycra fabric, it seemed light enough and had a lovely drape.
I found the sizing on the pattern a bit urrhhhh, there's around a 20 inch difference between the waist and the hips? so I went with the waist size and thought I'd grade down the side seams if it was too huge.
At 5ft 10 tall I decided to lengthen the pattern too, as I wasn't too sure if it would sit on the waist or just below, cant stand it when trousers just come to the ankles then ride up when you move; me nan used to say "you'll need a bit O' jam on the bottom of those"! never understood it when I was little but totally get it now.
The front yolks and main seams of the skirt went together really easy. I realised early on that the extra length was not needed, as the stretch and weight of the material meant that it could probably fit one of the Harlem Globe Trotters! A friend came round when it was hanging for the bias to drop, she is slightly vertically challenged at 5ft 1, and laughed that if I put a draw string in the top it would fit her as a body bag!  
The Zip shall we say, was one of those times when it didn't go in first time! ( fifth! ggrrrrhhh) that was me though nothing to do with the pattern.  I bought some waist band interfacing just because I'd never used it before and fancied trying it.This made the band a little narrower by about 1/2 inch but works really well.  
Overall verdict - I TOTALLY LOVE this skirt and yes WILL be making again - already have a piece ready for the next one 
Next Gabriola 
       This skirt is stunning, the swoosh of it makes you feel really feminine and special.  

Worn this twice so far this week; the first time was to a network meeting. There was about 20 of us; 19 bods  in black& white combinations and one (me) in red & aqua green! And you know what...  I didn't care that I stood out, every one commented on how fab me & me skirt looked and how fun it was.
The second time was a trip to London- had to stand all the way- Don't get me started on trains and no seats OOOOOOOHH. with my head phone in I found myself swooshing & swaying to the music. My taxi driver commented on what a lift to spring I looked (Yep, that got him a tip!)  
Can see how the yolk would work in a contrast fabric 

 Went with a button fastener as there was one in the pot just the right colour, but bar an hook is also suggested.
Love the shape of this button (don't look to closely at the skew stitching on band!)
I so would highly recommend this pattern. It is such as essential item in your wardrobe and so easy to dress up or down. see the link on inspiration at the beginning.

Thanks for reading. Oh PS if you like it and thinks it worth a vote in the Stitch 56 challenge please feel free to vote for me here  :))) Voting closes 4th April 2014
Amanda XX