Saturday, 1 March 2014

Sew Serendipity

I'm sure there are lot of you out there that have got already got Sew Serendipity and have "sew" for sometime- if you don't and your new to sewing then please order it, it's a great intro to sewing & great combo ideas . When my copy arrived, I had know idea that the patterns were included in the back!!  Durrrr (if you have read any other of my blog's you may see a similar thread appearing ... I obviously don't read things properly) bit of a kinaesthetic person ... jump in an just do it.
In this case what a fab surprise, it was a chance to combine different colour blocks/combos to create different looks. 
Taking inspiration again from my bible Couture Techniques  and keen to use the flat felt seam again, used here. I incorporate another technique of a "Petersham Peek Seam" by inserting a Grosgrain ribbon  as contrast. I found a great one at Barnyarns with a hot pink dash through the centre 
The fabric is a revealable black & white wool blend, so was ideal to use this in the panels and again reverse the pockets. 
As I was incorporating the splash of hot pink in the seams, it was true fate that I just so happened to have a hot pink lining left over in my fabric stash- Result! 
The pockets were lined in this, as was the skirt- instead of a loose lining though, I went for an attached to each panel  before construction .  

Flat Felt- Pertersham Peek seam!

Reverse panels and pocket