Saturday, 5 April 2014

Best Pressie Out of the Blue

OOOH ER  Just had to share this in a quick blog ....look what I've been given..... not 1 not 2 but 3 vintage patterns! I feel really chuffed to take ownership of my very first original vintage patterns. I was given - Yes, "Given", these treasures by a lovely lady, Wendy (she is a seriously awesome knitter as well as being lovely) the other day when I went to do her hair (yep, I'm a hair stylist as well!)
She had been sorting out the loft space and came across these and thought of ME! SHe said if they no good just bin them !!! WHAT Seriously!!! she had no idea how excited I was ( well she did by my the time I'd finished- jumping, dancing,  hula hoolering and much more"   She thinks there could be more lurking or at her mum's!!  more "squeeeaaals" fingers crossed.

The two outer patterns are both uncut- and that amazing one in the middle has all the pieces intact- My sewing "to-do" list has just got reshuffled "yet again". 

note to self - "stay focused girl, stay focused" 

Just as we saw in wk 6 of the Great British Sewing Bee; these patterns don't have any usual markings that are on commercial patterns, just dots in various directions or sizes !! 
Head scratching moments to come I'm thinking.     

Loved this on the envelope... and how much !! 

Well there we go that's my epic add to the sewing stash of the week - 
Vintage times here we come XX