Sunday, 14 June 2015

Silk Purse from a Sow's Ear...

Don't know about you, but I'm a right tinker for not throwing away leftover cut-offs from my projects. I have a tub full of scraps I always say well just incase or you never know....

HAHA well this time it paid off... Resulting in a McCalls 7125

The hoarded remnants had not long been in the said tub, perhaps that's why I knew they were there!  and consisted of:
  • Front - leftover peach lining of my favourite tunic dress 
  • Back- a piece of soft cream jersey knit acquired as an off cut end of roll
  • Lace overlay- a bridal dress that had been donated from a clearance sale 
Unfortunately the lighting washed out the peach colour in the pictures and it was hard to show the detail up on the lace, but I can tell you there are numerous tiny-winey glass beads scattered over the flowers that I hand-beaded back on, a very therapeutic activity if you not already tried!    

Not much to report on construction, literally join shoulders, sides and finishings - I decided to do away with the arm facings and made use of my new cover machine for theses along with the hem- still getting acquainted but just love this machine!

Trying desperately to build a wardrobe ready for a family summer holiday, this little number should suffice well and teams up perfectly with jeans leggings, skirts or shorts. 
I'm really super pleased with this top it ticks so many boxes with its beautiful floaty draping, so much so I have plans to make up the short sleeved version. 
Have you made an item from off cuts or do are you ruthless and throw them away? 

Bye for now XX Amanda XX