Sunday, 1 February 2015

Blog Land, Blog Land, Wherefore art thou.....

Seriously .. November since my last post..Well my hunnies, that is ridiculous and WAY WAY too long. "Oh" how I've missed you all; I have tried to keep track of all the fabulous makes that you have been producing over these few months and boy have there been some beauties. Life has been so unbelievably mad, that even stopping briefly to drop the odd comment has seemed like mission impossible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
I really don't want to make this an epic post, so after reading all the wonderful round ups of last year from you all, I thought I'd do a quick round up of the posts that should have happened since the  last ...Eiffel tower top here  psst ...There's some more excitement to spill but a  little more on that later. the sewmobile -oh, and please excuse the poor quality pics! 
First up is McCalls 6896 made mid Nov

This was the first attempt at a FBA on princess seams- I was fairly pleased with the results, albeit a few issues with easing in the additional fabric and avoidance of conical pointy boobies! 
I also think I still need to take the plunge and drop down a size,  as the back and the shoulders are still roomy. The most pleasing aspect of this sew was the pattern matching- I certainly don't mind admitting the numerous scratchy head moments and the fact an additional 3/4 mtr was required to be purchased  for the sleeves, after its insatiable appetite for gobbling up all that pattern. 
No. 2 how'd you like you eggs? well in a Butterick  5711 of course! This cotton viscose was added to the stash last summer, it reminded me of the poached egg flower!   
It's a nice comfy blouse to wear- and quite fancy doing a long sleeve version at some point 
No. 3 - 
Okay, not a wardrobe item but still a sewing triumph in my eyes..The longest decorating project in history was  finally topped off with Curtains, which also involved another set the other end of the room too!  
No 4. 
Up next was an assortment of craft items put together for Christmas..Aprons, Cushions and little squidgy Christmas tree ornaments 
Well with the December hols descending I was determined to do some selfish sewing- we have a family tradition of Christmas Eve Pyjamas- so McCall's 5348 was just the ticket - like I say, this was selfish sewing so only made mine! and shop bought the rest of the families!! NO way was I modelling these on the worldwide web- but rest assured they fit a treat and really very comfy 
Christmas day always requires a new outfit, out came easy vogue 8749 and in a jiffy TaDa! one leatherette skirt ( no hemming even better) and Simplicity 1325 a great liitle staple round neck jersey top in a fab animal print gggrrrrr My daughter thinks this is a bit rude.. she was quite disgusted in the fact that the fabric was so shear !!
I can not recommend this skirt highly enough- I totally LOVE this -and have had loads and loads of complements on wearing- added a flat fell seam through the front and incorporated beautiful contrast pockets and facings with the September blue seedlings fabric from Dashwood Studio. 
How cool!!

Finally, the last make that managed to sneak its way into 2014 are what can only be described as totally bizarre but funky trousers- the verdict is kinda out on these, both my kids are MOM WT..are you wearing! These bad boys are from the Burda tough love collection  and in true Burda style the instructions are as much use as a chocolate fireguard! pros and cons.. well, they are ooober long, even for some one as tall as me with a 32 inside leg! are very very full in the leg, have great pockets, high waist and turn up cuffs!
I learnt a fair bit from making them - not from those instructions either! - but cracking welt pockets and a fly front zip! big ticks all round. I would quite like to remake these at some point and tapper the legs in I think - what about you? 

Now then, the final piece of news I have to tell you about is .... 
whoo I'm rather nervous in saying it out loud...
but figured, you all so lovely and supportive, offer great encouragement and tips with sewing dilemmas that why would this be any different!  

My very own sewing studio- where I have been teaching sewing classes, selling fabric and hopefully haberdashery soon too.  

Stay posted as web site coming very soon!

Ta ta for now - I promise not to be away as long before the next post!