Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Retro Tulip make up

Showcasing the Retro Tulips in my excited stated of completion at the weekend, I thought I may as well continue in my now slightly skewed listing of makes, especially as its relatively fresh in the old grey matter.   The Butterick 6582, was my first, but not last, dabble into Retro styling. 
Generally, in my OOOO whole 7 months of clothes sewing, I have found or not bothered very little in the way of alterations and just gone for my normal dress size; but just like high street stores differ in their sizing...( like there's no way I'd ever get a leg near a Dotty P these days!) pattern makers are just the same- Yes, I know all books, blogs and info sources say that you should ignore high street sizing and go on your own measurements but you have to start some where-either way I'm ,must be a funny shape or can't measure for toffee-if I went on my measurements and related them to what the patterns said,  I'd end up with a cosy tent for two!? anybody else have the same issue , or know where I'm going wrong?  
Anyhow I had for some strange, sixth sense reasoning, decided to make up a toile- not for this one but my Butterick 5917 made previously (not yet shared, but coming soon) 

Toile for Butterick 59

I'd found that the back was really quite large and needed a fair bit out of it. so following the instructions from a threads post  here on narrow backs- all went well. Although bottled taking so much when cutting out the real dress... Duhrrr why,I asked myself when it came up still a bit loose!!!  
Upper-body back Alterations  
So using, the reduced pattern sizing- I measured it against the Retro- all looked fine and equal - STOP, PAUSE, THINK- working on the basis that the B5917 was roomy and this little number was going to be made in a cotton spandex, big no no to saggy spandex - so the proverbial was bitten and I cut the size smaller 9 ( few prayers Amen )
Cutting out was hampered while/by watching #GBSB- as it was pattern week- I looked and looked for a recurring pattern in teem dam tulips- nop go for it....Whoops, dam , blast - cutting single layer fabric- my front upper "left" shoulder was now my front upper "right " shoulder bugger - sure no one will know, tell or care!!    

As the dress was not lined I wanted to add a bit of nicety inside, so went with edging the facings with red satin bias tape. The curve on the front facing proved a little tricky and ended up cutting a new one and lessened the curve that worked okay.  

Basting the seams together for fitting ( another usual no no bother),  but was tentative about the smaller sizing -if it was going to be too tight I was up the watsit creek-or a bit of additional ruching would need to be inserted- but YEAH it was great - that's why I love a bit of spandex.
Onwards with attaching and edge stitching the facings, but once on What The .... big gapes at the back - not the most attractive look.

So off came ( or at-least unpick back to a mid-point) the facings at the back and darts inserted to take up the excess. 

Voilà all complete - absolutely LOVE this baby - have had loads and loads of complements ( even some naughty ones from hubby -who was taking the pics this time- hence the laughing!)   
Would recommend this pattern if not already done - I will definitely do this one again - a serious contender for the Sew Dolly Clackett surprise but in the full skirt version. 

was instructing to get the shoes in the pic 

so here they are - love these soo much X