Saturday, 29 March 2014

Look out the Liebster Award's about

Awakening to a wet, dreary, dismal March morning, there's that shudder of realisation of another Birthday (boy do they come round quick- birthdays and mornings!) Afraid to say, the time of heightened excitement and thoughts of "oh, what a joyous occasion" have passed; (actually I can't ever remember feeling that way, or is it really is just too far back to remember?) Anyhow, sitting-up in bed, cuppa in one hand, fighting off demented dog with the other and fidgeting kids either side. There is though, a tiny tingle of raised hope...the thoughts of receiving, a much hinted about, well blatant product naming and even actual placement of said object into the shopping basket of  a well known internet haven-I'm talking, dreaming and desperate to own a pair of sprung loaded Gingher scissors... OHHH the anticipation .....OHHH ripping off paper on said parcel(s) ... Ohehhhrrr nope-"POP" burst bubble time- (I suppose there's always mothers-day!)
Trying not to show too much disappointment, I take residency at the computer to check diary, mail and social networks etc. Wahhhh the day has just been set right back on track. A blooming astonishing accolade nomination from a fellow stitcher and brilliantly whimsical blogger T from UandMii

Being new to this world of sewing and blogging, I'd not come across one of these before and set to task to find out a little more- although T had clearly stated what it was all about and what was required. Basically, this version of the Liebster Award requires the nominee to answer 5 Q. share 5 facts and nominate 5 other (new) blogs. This world of sewing never ceases to amaze me, such a supportive and encouraging community in every way. I thank-you.
So hear are my answers set by T.

1. What's your favourite fabric to sew?
mmmm.. I suppose for shear ease of handling, quickness and amazing print availability I would have to go with Cotton. I'm not too hot on naming textiles so this gap in my knowledge is top on my bucket list to educate ones-self in this area at some point.     
2. Do you have a stash and, if so, how big is it? (The fabric police are watching!)
OOO this ones so unfair; of course I have -I'm sure its resemblance is more of a pimple compared to others who's descriptions sound mountainous. Only last weekend I return from a mooch out, with dare I say, 15 pieces of cloth!!!...the lady at my regular haunt asked "do you actually make everything up that you buy?" ... What! well I sure as hell trying too and
this is all I'm admitting too in my stash!

 3. What advice would you give to new sewers?
Go for it, there is nothing to loose & everything to gain; even if its not wearable you will have learnt an experience!
4. What is the favourite tool or gadget in your sewing arsenal?
This ones easy peasy - has to be my new find Infilare - aka- an automatic needle threaded whoooooooo. After experiencing a Specsaver moment of spending 10 mins trying to thread a needle - only to find out it was a dress pin that the head fell off!!!!  no flies on me now, ay!!

5. If you could sew an outfit for anyone (alive or dead) who would it be and what would you make them?
My god this has taken some real head scratching, there are SOOO many - after much deliberation, I thought it would be more "fitting" to dress someone who has always been on the other end of dressing others.
The best mantra ever:
               "A dress should be tight enough to show you're a woman 
                    and loose enough to prove you're a lady" 
                   Don't you just love it; any ideas yet?

not sure if this counts, but I'm going with it  EDNA MODE - eccentric fashion designer for the incredible's. I would make her a super designer outfit, flame resistant, stretchable, yet breathable and no cape.

My 5 random facts 
  • I have a 32 1/2 inch inside leg! 
  • Gave birth to my 2nd child within 35 the bath, at home... hubby as midwife! 
  • I've ran 3 X 1/2 marathons (not all together) 
  • Once gave up the opportunity of working on a cruise liner... for a bloke! Durrrrh!
  • I've had meningitis twice - how short has my straw been!

I nominate
  1. Sharon Elle- The Sewing Diet   I can assimilate at the other end of the height gene pool 
  2. Annie Case Hanks  - The EntantiomerProject  she has created a number of items in my to do stash so can pick up lots of tips here
  3. Karen Rigg- Willowwears  not so much as a new blog but Karen has given me lots of support since my crusade began so has to be thanked
  4. Dawn-The Winter Queen I found this lady on  and she has really made some awesome stuff. 
  5. Kelly Moss - Love, Eliza Brown started her blog around the same time as me-and Kelly "I still haven't fathomed out all the techno stuff for blogin and linking to Google either" 

My questions are 
  1. What made you start to blog?
  2. What is your proudest sew & why?
  3. Have/would you, considered a career involving sewing, if so, in what capacity? 
  4. What would be the ultimate sewing challenge/make you dream of completing, Why? 
  5. What's the biggest faux par you've had with a sewing item?