Sunday, 2 March 2014

Retro tulips

Although I'm trying to post my blogs in date order, I just couldn't resist sharing this with you that iv'e just completed .. it's a Butterick  6582

It reminds me a little like a Jessica Rabbit number!- perhaps its the SPANDEX that "HUGS" so fabulously. The fabric was one of my first dips into on-line fabric shopping- kinda find it a bit weird shopping on-line for fabric, without having the tangible touchy, feely part, its... well a bit nerve wracking.. what if I don't like it when it arrives... yeah right, as if! but lets be honestest, there is a slight chance, unless you go to the prolonged activity of swatch ordering-( which incidentally  isn't so prolonged, as most companies are really on the ball - next day delivery- Fab- I'm just impatient)  anyhow, I digress it was from The Remnant House  Harrogate UK - the fabric was for John Kaldor - Ohio Tulip- Cotton spandex £10.99 mtr.

I will do a full post on the fun & games I put my self through later on, but for now here is the beautiful Valery modelling the Retro Tulips.


Facings edged with satin bias tape 
concealed zip