Saturday, 1 March 2014

Loud N Proud

Vogue 8787 was the pattern for this project, albeit a mish mash of the views -asymmetric neck line, full skirty and long sleeves.

When I chose the fabric at Fabulous Fabrics  the lovely ladies there commented on how it was interesting it was to see what/how others sore in fabric- the one lady admitted  to not particularly caring for the design when it first came in,  but now wanted to take a piece home and could see how she could create a piece.... I always think fabric  almost " picks you" "talks to you"... does any body see that or think the same? how do you pick your fabric, or do you not think about it?
Great pattern to put together- as I tend to find with Vogue- yes I know their a bit more expensive but rarely require little alteration ( for me anyhow).
I decided not to line the sleeves  as I was working with Jersey adn thought it may restrict the movement in the arms.
It was suggested that a twin needle used for the hem & cuffs- but I found that this just pulled up the fabric so I went with two rows of stretch stitch did the job - remember this is my 2nd attempt at Jersey!

As I  got dressed for work that morning a step back was taken & a thought of .. oooo is it a bit loud? --  going for it  the reactions seemed positive -  Sam, my main buddy at work was full of complements (she always is but I do still take on board what she thinks, 2 peeps in the corridor " love your dress.. where's it from .. Yeah love it if they think its bought and Willowwear -oh definitely not, I'm loving it!) so there it is love it LOUD & PROUD