Saturday, 1 March 2014

Corduroy Squares

As soon as I saw this corduroy fabric I could just see an A line/ jeans style shaped skirt, thick tights and boots for the Autumn and that's exactly what was intended with Butterick 5649  view C- with Faux Suede pocket inserts.. What did I end up with ... View A!! that's what come to cutting out late on a Saturday night - watching tele and supping a bottle of Rose!!
Multi Pattern  view B5649
Finished style

Intended style 

What can you do? crack on & go for it of course. The pattern had top stitch detailing- but I rather fancied having a go at  Flat Felt seams, from the fabulous- Couture Sewing Techniques book a-k-ay my bible; waited over 2 month for this book to arrive but boy it was soooo worth it.  

Couture Sewing Techniques (M802)
My Bible 
Loved doing these; the top stitching tended to sink into the cord  a bit, so specific top stitch thread was purchased.   


Lining the skirt wasn't included in the pattern - but I do really like a skirt to be, inspired by Tilly Walnes from Tilly and the Buttons Autumn Maple Skirt  I went for a bright cheery yellow 


I forget just how many trial button holes I did- but I can honestly say though, buttonholes are my worst nightmare; after all the effort of creating a lovely wearable piece of clothing, it can be destroyed by one of these little blighter's- feel like a kid having to have lace-ups but  rather have slip-ons!!  6 holes later "ta-da" 
Buttons from Hobby Craft  but £1 each - ouch

I did end up taking the waistband off after the first wear as it ended up being a bit too snug; the pattern has quite a bit of ease on the sides to make it fir the waist band - ( I even thought id cut the wrong size- seems as I'd originally cut out the wrong skirt!) I hadn't though, re-cut a slightly larger waistband and re attached without ease ( think it should have a little, but its ok as it is)   

 I have to say, I'm not the greatest fan of button through skirts, but all in all I do enjoy wearing this as a casual piece.