Friday, 7 March 2014

Jersey Landmark

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy - that's all that can be said about this fab top - a Katherine Tilton by Vogue 8793. 
Three different stretch fabrics used- advisable to refer to the cutting out instructions if going with this mode- just to make sure you get the right components ! 

Ironically- yet again, this was cut out in front of the TV while watching #GBSB, stretch knit week - last week I found myself cutting out the Retro Tulips on pattern match week; could I be a white witch!! Yes according to my 12yr old boy,  said "defo without the white bit"-cheek- he has to sleep at some point xx 

Construction basically consists of joining shoulders(with stabiliser) attach sleeves across the shoulders, join side seams that extend through into sleeves-voil√†-basic top assembled. 
The collars were not as complex as first thought - split a zip and sandwich one side in between each collar piece. Wrap one around the other and attach to neck edge. 

 Once complete- well, before the final finishing- the hem . I just wasn't happy with the bottom edge, don't know if I'd pulled it out of shape when over-locking it ( not enough differential feed) it just seemed to hang- I loved the cuffs, so the hem was going to get the same treatment. A strip of material contrast 2 (the one least used) was cut. This was the same width as the cuffs and long enough to go around the hips. To attached the strip, marked it at the half way point and then again at the quarter points, do the same on the hem line, then match the markers up; stitched into place by slightly stretching the cuff band to fit. 

I will definitely make this again- it's such a great shape and would work well as a one block colour or with less contrast. I can visualise it in soft cotton jersey for cooler summer evenings,or in that net holey material with a vest underneath !! or a polar fleece for the winter. Lots of versatility is what we like . XX