Saturday, 22 August 2015

Reasons to be cheerful ....

Who'd of thought one of life's enjoyments (Blogging) can get so easily pushed, swept and pretty much banished, when  the great old life itself takes over!
There's has been lots of sewing during my latest abstinence... but not a lot of photo taking, which really tends to hold the whole blogging process up.
So without further adieu and pardon me please - I'm going to cheat a little and cram in a collective trio of makes, so a longer post than perhaps it should be. After completing my first Made-Me-May, it revealed a distinct lack gapping hole in the trouser depo! Why?... I have know idea, so the task was set to plug the said gaps and giving me reasons to be cheerful...

First up, these funky palazzo pants in a great geometric design made from cotton viscose bought last year sometime; the colours were a little different for me too.. The kids were all " Errr mum, have you turned all hippy or somethink!" Pattern choice was McCalls 6965  previously made the shorts last year here and from these, I knew that the crotch would need to be lowered a little, (approx 1cm) call me fussy but it just takes out the feeling of a cheese-wire constantly been pulled up through your butt!  At least I found that out on the shorts- these pants eat up a whooping 3 meters of fabric! 
They feel lovely and swooshy to wear especially on the odd few summer days (lots of humid ones..cheers) that have been bestowed on us here in England, for keeping cool.
The top, the simplest, yet most effective tank pattern ever, adapted from a pattern I can't recall right now but have used it so much now I really need to make a block pattern for keepers - I bought a length of this weird slashed stretchy floral, but when I really looked at it - well you couldn't imagine a whole item in it ..that would be crazy 
Next up and in complete contrast, were these cropped and tapered pants from Butterick 5614, Fashioned in a stretch cotton drill; I call these my Cath Kidston pants...the floral design reminds me of her style.  
I particularly like the smooth  clean lines of this pattern, although generally I do find myself searching for a pocket, boy you soon get used to having them around! As the fabric has a nice amount of stretch, they're lovely and comfy, the waistband does comes a little high though - which is 1)great for bending and not showing next weeks washing but 2) not sure if a tad "mumsie"? ... some adjustments in lowering this would be on the cards next time- Oh and the other thing ...stretch drill doesn't it bag after some wearing, don't you find? 
A couple of minor digressions to the finished article, included seam detailing, any excuse to play around with the new cover-machine :) and the bottom slits were closed to gain a more tapered look. Overall, happy face and would/will make a gain.  
The top - McCalls 7127- super easy to knock-up and super easy to wear - another gap filler from MMM15 ... a red top! - this ponte-roma jersey is from my store @£6.75 p/m and an absolute dream to work with, I promise you not - also available in a dark grey and winter white - NB- the red does bleed a bit on first wash. 

Cover-machine stitching!
Final reason on the cheerful radar left me in the pink! Classic semi tailored/casual shorts in cotton drill were on the cards for this summer, a rummage through the old pattern stash, yeah Butterick 5649   seemed perfect for a baby pink cotton drill and to jezzaz it up a wee bit, trim with Windham plaid from the studio.  

This was also a first for a fly front and have to say reasonably straight forward (Fluke I'm sure) again although please there is a little piece that says "hmmm mumsie waistline" ?

Tee-HEEEEEEEE shirt -love this top and will defo become a staple - although any followups won't include bust wished i followed my instincts of "who puts bust darts in a jersey top" just no need. 
there we go then folks - some of my summer roundups that provided reasons to be cheerful! 
Amanda XX

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Silk Purse from a Sow's Ear...

Don't know about you, but I'm a right tinker for not throwing away leftover cut-offs from my projects. I have a tub full of scraps I always say well just incase or you never know....

HAHA well this time it paid off... Resulting in a McCalls 7125

The hoarded remnants had not long been in the said tub, perhaps that's why I knew they were there!  and consisted of:
  • Front - leftover peach lining of my favourite tunic dress 
  • Back- a piece of soft cream jersey knit acquired as an off cut end of roll
  • Lace overlay- a bridal dress that had been donated from a clearance sale 
Unfortunately the lighting washed out the peach colour in the pictures and it was hard to show the detail up on the lace, but I can tell you there are numerous tiny-winey glass beads scattered over the flowers that I hand-beaded back on, a very therapeutic activity if you not already tried!    

Not much to report on construction, literally join shoulders, sides and finishings - I decided to do away with the arm facings and made use of my new cover machine for theses along with the hem- still getting acquainted but just love this machine!

Trying desperately to build a wardrobe ready for a family summer holiday, this little number should suffice well and teams up perfectly with jeans leggings, skirts or shorts. 
I'm really super pleased with this top it ticks so many boxes with its beautiful floaty draping, so much so I have plans to make up the short sleeved version. 
Have you made an item from off cuts or do are you ruthless and throw them away? 

Bye for now XX Amanda XX  

Sunday, 31 May 2015

So what's been Learnt in the final round-up in M-M-May

There it is, there it went, a whole month whoosh.. gone! 
My first participation of Made-Me-May and on reflection its been pretty good fun over-all, doing what it said on the tin...
1) Slight waning on the daily selfie taking...tick 
2) Posed a good review of the O' apparel needs, wants and oh dear.. BIG tick 
3) The bonus feature-found some great new sewing buddies along the way...  double double tick. 
So here's the round up of this week. 
Bank Holiday Monday 
Catching up with few jobs at the studio- my newly and firmly loved Hudsons and White lace neck tee   
Bit of sunshine about so the Gabriola got its first airing,  so loved wearing this again and has inspired me to make another for this year- teamed with the 2nd outing for the Peter Pan Super Hero top  

Second wear for self draft skirt- little well a lot disappointed with this, some how the fabric has acquired lots of small pulls and snags so will be demoted to a knock around the house wearing item 

Black & White reversible wool blend  spot skirt 

This is where I started to stumble at the final hurdle, nearly forgot to selfie take so settled with Christmas PJ's pleas excuse the ironed in or folded creases! Bottom two pics are of new top seen later in post 

BIG FAT FAIL .. really CBA to take pic and post but it was Hudson pants again ..  I seriously cant get over how much in LOVE with these guys I am, much to the disgust of my kids who think they are ridiculous ( or just me in them!)  but I don't care a tuppence more are planned!!!! they were  teamed with with pink blouse  

Felt like getting dressed up a bit today a good excuse to wear n share my new make that will be bloged in full later on - I desperately need to sew a holiday wardrobe over the next few weeks and this is my first all made from let over scraps! whoo    

So what's been learnt from this exercise then...? 
1) I need a more relaxed look; now that my job front has changed I no longer need "officy" type wear ( hoorraaaa!) 
2) Dresses I don't wear them much, something to think on or perhaps more the styling of dress, already eyeing up the Davie dress from Sewaholic 
3) I love the colour red so why the hell have I got so little of it, especially a top of some form
4) A distinct absence of trousers ...what's going on how come these have been over looked! ahah ..a good reason for more Hudson's :)  but also "proper" trousers i have some patterns but research is under way 

what about you then - what has your MMM 15 exposed for you? 

love to hear 
. XX Amanda XX

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hurricane Made-Me-May

Here we are again then folks - hope you've all had an amazaballs week with your Made-Me-May challenges - loving the IG  postings. 
Quick round up with a few re-wears 
Monday- had a double dose for MMM15  
By day .(Butterick retro tulip dress for a Quality day ( included my annual performance review...gulp think I did okay.
For the evening  my favourite duchess satin and flower lace Elisalex  for a Majors banquet!!  

                                                                                                                                            Another Quality day out - starting to flag taking the selfies which I'm sure we all feel at this time of the month. This was an early make of a Vogue classic beige skirt with pink stripes teamed with Butterick pink blouse 
Tulip jersey skirt ( never bloged for some reason) and cream shantung cami with lace top 

Starting to feel the love again in my bicycle top and head band 
 Oh and had to throw this in ... I've been dead naughty and treated myself to a cover machine!!!! EEEEKKKK just getting to grips with it but so far swoooooon xxxx
Mooching about in Denim tunic dress and Newly made and totally loved lace neck tee ( still not bloged but fairly ..YAWN ) 

A lovely day with my baby- an Irish Feis in Oxford- wore Leatherette skirt (worn once before this month) and the Eiffel trifle top

slob out day well sewing lots I even got to finish my Hudson Pants !! whoo so thats what i wore 

So there we go a round up of week 3! a coulpe of re-wears and I'm  really starting to find my gaps and where i want to go next with my wardrobe :)

- just a wee share on the dancing as proud mummy moment here  - she's been out for 6wks or more with an injury - her dance teacher didn't think she would be going so hadn't worked on her "stuff" - but you cant keep a jigger from jigging! she's not had a particularly good season so told her to go out, relax, enjoy it and we weren't bothered if she came last! 
 WELL blow me - she got recall (that means the top 50% get to dance a 3rd dance) errr...yes she was!! came 4th in a light round and 7th overall (one judge had even placed her joint 1st after the first two dances) well this all probably sounds totally gobbly gouch for those not in this world but WHOOOOOOO but a few daft moments were had 

 Have a great last week Guys - till next week XXXX Amanda XXX

Sunday, 17 May 2015

An even faster whirl-wind round-up for wk 2 #MMM15

Phew well don't know about you but what a week ...manic at its best - how have you all been doing on your MMM15 challenge then? I have to admit starting to find it a bit tedious taking the selfies every day- but on a negative/positive... my god I need some plain colour block items in my wardrobe- of which I have started and planed but it SO HARD i love patterns and prints!!!
here goes then-
day 10 - McCalls I didn't promise you a rose garden shorts  

Day 11- Peter-pan goes super hero top and first ever me make Burda red circle skirt 

Day 12 - a trip-out to complete a  days CPD- (continual professional development) 
in Burda tough love VERY baggy trousers  not blog posted in detail here 
and the first of my must staple plains - Not yet bloged but very much loved already lace neck jersey tee 

Oh and this what was involved in my CPD day - pretty amazing don't you think - the dress is made from 501 black plastic gloves!!!


 Day 13 - The sun was  out so it called for something Bright and simple - Sew serendipity skirt and Butterick tee 
Day 14 - and a down turn in weather - so check me out in appliqué rose skirt for my trip to the Chiropractor 

Day 15 - self-draft circle skirt not yet posted " Oh" and a sneak peak pic of  the fruits of my very much loved and excited purchase cover machine EEEEKKK  and the 2nd outing of white lace neck tee - told you I needed plains 

 OK this is what I have been working on most of the week - a revamped Irish dance dress - made 18 mnths ago but little madame grew!! lol so all took apart let out sleeves down and a new skirt along with 500 more crystals :)
 Day 16 - relaxed afternoon down the studio cutting fat quarters in baby cord appliqué pear skirt adaptation of Sew serendipity skirt and Dashwood studio made belt ( un-blog posted) 

and here we go the final for this week - Day 17 - 2nd outing for leatherette skirt and Landmark knit double collar sweat 

Hope you've ll had a great week - 
bye for now xxx Amanda 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

whirlwind round up-Made-Me-May week 1

My first year taking part in Made-Me-May

Day 1 - Leatherette skirt and animal print pink Tee -did the job for visiting a training centre to complete their quality audit   -
Skirt  made Dec 14 with Vogue 8749 
T-top Simplicity 1325
( and a note to self on how not to take selfies!)

Day 2 - Poached egg blouse for a relaxed Saturday  - Butterick 5711 pattern not really blog posted much on this but a lovely soft viscose 

Day 3 - You may (or may not) be aware that I have started making wrestling apparel! Double take.. yes you read correct wrestling wear, robes, trunks, singlets and tights! As I find it pretty hard to get RTW leggings long enough (not that I've bought RTW for so long now) I guessed I could make my own by using the Jalie pattern. So Sunday morn I ran up these funky knit leggings, just because I was inspired too and not that I wanted a MMM sew - unfortunately there wasn't as much stretch on-grain as there was cross-grain so the of risk builders bum when bending over increases - therefore I either don't ever bend or retain for toddling around the house only!

Day 4 - Nellies on parade top - Bank Holiday Monday sun was out to shoot the short video to advertise my over-locking workshop find it on FB

 Day 5 - Route 66 Jersey tee and baby cord skirt both Butterick patterns 5354-5649
can't believe I made this skirt nearly two years ago! and still going strong for a days sewing at home

Day 6 - Silk Dupion Cynthia Rowley skirt by Simplicity 2512- Pink chiffon Blouse Vogue 8857 and Burda 7184 cardigan for a busy day morning at the Studio then a drive out to complete another quality audit at an FE college.
Day 7 - A chilly day so a great excuse to wear my Robert Kaufman Flannel skirt, day & evening spent down at the studio with me Sewcial Sewers-pattern as the leatherette on day 1 Vogue  8749

And Finally Day 8 - my most favourite Spring tunic from Simplicity 1325 B out on the road for a trip to Worcester and more quality auditing 

Phew there it is then, a whirlwind round up of a busy week - I must say I've found it most interesting looking back over week one; its also been a great treat seeing other uploads on Instagram and found some other great sewers to follow :)
Same time next week then folks and have a great 2nd week in MMM`15 xx