Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Silver Evening Dress

Right O', feeling pretty confident now, with "OOOOO" 3 makes under me belt, so of course I'm ready to bite off more than I  really should chew! 

With a wedding invite back in Sept.  I of course  needed something to wear;  I had nothing, nothing suitable anyhow; case proven, therefore I had to have something new. 
So, pawing through the  pattern pages I come across V1130.  
What a beaut- looks simple enough, yes?- basic shift dress and a couple of floaty sleeves, what could be easier right?  wrong!

Bellville Sasson
Pattern arrived-took it up to bed that night for little light reading...well Flip My Egg - what had I done! it appears I hadn't read the details very well....

Sew rating -Advanced 
"the finest patterns featuring the bets of European & American Couture. Perfect for those who like the sewing challenge of professional tailoring & fine couture techniques. Expect intricate fashion shaping, hidden construction details, couture inner construction, fine touches of hand sewing & bias draping" ...WTF!!!!!!
Okay, time to practice what I preach to my kids-"life is about challenging yourself, not to drift through it" ( god I hate sanctimonious sods)   

Went for a silver grey crinkle number- ( I so need to sort out my textile know how) with chiffon(y) sleeves. 

The dress itself went together beautifully, the instructions were clear and easy to follow, loved putting the boning in to the bodice ( BIG TICK - a new skill learnt, applied, achieved) 

The biggest problems I came across were the sleeve/capes; these were supposed to be edged in the dress material but after numerous attempts (rather strops) I  decide the material would be too heavy - my excuse and that's what I'm sticking too.  so the edges got put through the over-locker,- that's what it there for and needs to be utilised to it's full potential.  
The next task was to insert "bound" button holes- the instructions may as well have been written in Swahili; researched and found a great tutorial by the Ami Lowden The Little Tailoress here  but on chiffon,well how ridiculous (do plan on having a go one day when I have an eternity to devote) anyway went with keyhole button holes, which, din't detract from the overall look.

Can't resist adding a bit of bling :)

 It feels dead special when worn- and the chiffon sleeves help to hide the old bat wings and feeling bare & exposed.
A poor attempt at a selfie!