Saturday, 26 April 2014

Peter Pan just became a Superhero

You can't beat a good old basic white top in ya wardrobe, can you? For those days when coordination and imagination have all gone out the window. 
This was the idea with this top, just a regular pull out, pull on top, with a very TNT pattern, Butterick 5922 here                            
Not sure when or why, but I'd decided I wanted a tiny bit of interest with red buttons through the back as contrast. To achieve this, the centre back seam was extended by a couple of inches and then folded these back on itself (with a strip of sew-in interfacing). With only three pattern pieces to deal with and no dart shaping, this top could easily have been whizzed up within an hour. But just how boring can one get! the more I looked at it, the more I disengaged with it. 

The neck on this top is quite high and the expanse of white.... I looked like a strangled albino tortoise!  it was doing me no favours whatsoever. 

A collar- that's what it needed, a Peter Pan collar in a contrast colour.  A good ol' rummage in the stash box posed a few option -Red-gingham?Red-polka dot? something Christmassy!! ......oooohhh no KAPOW BOOM, this little number, it was brought to make a lunch bag or something. 

Asking the opinion of my 9yr old- I just got SERIOUSLY! I don't think so! ....she has eaten all of her humble pie up now:)  

I'm really pleased how it turned out, it really is a top that can be pull out and put with a skirt or Jeans without the effort of thinking.  Oh, and I even made my own bias binding to finish off the sleeve edges, I've never been bothered to do before, even though I had brought one of those bias making contraptions ( it works great!) 

 It is a Bird, Is it a plane NO its Peter Pan what a Superhero!! 

What quirky print have you added to a garment to give it some life?