Monday, 7 April 2014

A Pink Marshmallow Blah

A quicky post, 1) it's the last of my catch-up posts ( made before I started blogin) 2) there not that much to say about it really- especially the skirt- to quote Kristy at loweryourpresserfoot  blogged- its a  bit of a Blah, but having said that, a reasonable staple (especially if you work in a blah environment and need to conform every now and again). 

Not totally sure why I bought the skirt fabric, apart from being cheap and very early on in the sewing venture stakes. Don't think I was expecting to be too daring back then - just a few basics that could be passed off at work I guess. 
The skirt pattern was a TNT (well, once if that counts) here - at this point I wanted to "test" myself, through the back pleat version, 5 pleats in all so more than enough pleats to test ones abilities 

Okay-my bum does look big in this! 
I ended up altering the front; it should be a three panel front with top stitching, but I didn't like (or more to the point pattern match the stripes well enough), so cut a full front and inserted darts. The actual pleating aspect was relatively straight forward, but  I did hesitate and think long and hard about the best way of hemming the skirt so not to get it all bulky ( remember I was a sewing virgin at this point) in fact I waited 3 months!!!- 1) I wanted a lining and 2)I had purchased some fabric to make a blouse to go with it ( plausible??? it's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!) the truth though, my sewing distractions took hold, and I went off piste. Inadvertently, I purposely didn't finish the skirt so I couldn't wear it until I got round to the blouse. 
January came and so did the New Year resolution(s)- finish off unfinished projects; or start outstanding project so you can finish unfinished. The blouse was another Vogue- 8857. I liked the idea of the pin-tuck detailing down the front- liked been the operative word, because I used a fine chiffon(y) georgette(y) fabric- My first venture into fine fabric! hmmm its a bit of a bugger to say the least.  

I colour coded the fold and stitch lines with tailor-tacs and ironed in the pleats. 
Even then they went a little wonky- I tried and tried lots of test samples, which all looked fine - but on the real McCoy, puckered! I have since realised and discussed why...thread! I'd used fine needles and dropped stitch length down, but just never thought about the weight of the thread, all purpose don't cut it! it has to go finer too. Durrhh, obvious I know now but not then! I'm sure their are other out their that have had similar moments or not realised this on threads?  yes? please?  
To test this point I have since purchased some such fine thread @ £12.00 a spool, so extremely high expectations on a fine soft satin for an evening dress at some point ( its a large spool so will have to make lots of royal blue items after!)  I digress... 

I couldn't, more to the point my OCD couldn't  bring itself to leave raw edges on the front ruffles - so they got the rolled hem treatment through the over-locker, 

The front plackets for the button placement required interfacing and a fine nude stretch one was used - again in hindsight I'd use a strip of the fabric 1) for colour 2) enough to stabilise.   
Was dead chuffed with the  sleeves and cuffs, so much so, I used to finish the other unfinished project here 
Overall, for a blah blah pattern 'n' fabric, I think the whole outfit did what it was set out to do and give me a good work staple. I love the blouse and how it picks out the subtle stripe in the skirt, it was just what was needed  in January to lift the grey skies and rain. Oh and I found a lining - I could almost wear the skirt inside out - it makes the skirt feel ooober special  and flash it at any opportune moment.