Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Time For a SPOT of Relaxation

Hi there, thanks for dropping by, this is an update on  my quest for getting a few more casual relaxed everyday/ basic items in the old closet- with the odd distraction of a dress. Not that I'm tired of creating dresses its just that I can't prance about doing things like the housework in a fancy frock, can I? - second thoughts  just don't do the housework! result! 
I'd every intention to make this shirt up prior to Christmas, for the hols to Canada- but if you've read my Christmas Santa Dash you'll realise that it wasn't possible to fit any more into that week!  
So, busting some of the ever increasing stash, plus the fact summer is taking forever to put an appearance in, I put together this casual shirt in a spot baby cord, using Vogue 8857, View E - having made before here ; it just goes to show how a pattern can take on a different look with the choice of fabric and the odd tweak.   
There's not too much that can be said about this make over all; its a shirt! the construction was pretty straight forward especially knowing the pattern pieces- the pin tucks were definitely easier this time as a fine georgette was used previously- boy did that slip.
At one point, I was a little concerned that it would be too bulky and that it resembled a pyjama top!
I placed plenty of tailor tacks for the  pintucks - colour coded for fold & stitch lines and used the edge foot to (try) keep a straight line. Flat felled seams were used throughout, but on the inside, as I wanted to create a kinda denim style shirt.


I had loads of trouble trying to find buttons that would be right for this and after spending a flippin fortune on possible, I ended up with self-covered - bit boring & safe but hey ho it was driving me potty and I suppose you cant beat a good covered button.  

The verdict is still out whether to put a couple of darts in the back just to give it a bit of shape- but you know what - I probably won't - too many other things taking priority 

Surprisingly,(to me)  I have now wore this shirt  quite a few times and it does exactly what it say's on the tin and meant to...a really easy shirt to wear.  

Had to add you with this one- in a deep and meaningful conversation with Mr Wally dog (Walter when he naughty!)