Friday, 18 April 2014

Proud as a Peacock for Dolly Clackett

Being pretty new to the old blogosphere (but eternally grateful for all the fab tips; insights and inspiration) it wasn't too long before I came across Miss Dolly Clackett. And whoo can this lady do print! Some of the fabrics she has used,  I have come across on my explorations and totally loved... Lobsters, Racoons, map of the world!!....but to wear, I've not come close. Having a fair few year on Miss DC and  living in the sticks may of have a slight bearing on this, but the reality is probably.... I just don't have the balls !!  although I think I'm increasing my repertoire of colour and print since exposing myself to some of the awesome blogs out there and gaining confidence in each make. 
Jackdaws BlackAnyhow, back to business, when I saw the totally awesome post by Sarah @ Rhinestones and Telephones, I was so touched-(but not totally surprised) to think that this incredible sewing community was to honour one of their own in such a way; I wanted to be part of it, and lets face it girls,those of us who are lucky enough to be in that other amazing club....marriage - top trumps xx

My initial idea was to make the full skirt version of the Butterick Retro 6582 after the success of my Retro Tulip  in the fabulous  Michael Miller fabric Jack Daws 

I'd even found the shoes to go with it!!!
But alas... distracted with other projects and dawdling over the purchase of said fabric, meant that when it came to ordering there was just 1 meter left!!! 

I was now in a right old pickle and conundrum-time was ticking...on my visit to the Sewing for Pleasure Show at the NEC mid March, inspiration stuck... as clear as the "Wahkkkin" of a peacock, buried beneath the bolts of fabric, between the throngs of sewists, I spied a distinctive plumage. This was it!!
and at £ 6.00  a meter I loved it even more!! I'd also picked up New Look 6223 pattern - a good shape that echoed Miss DC. 
I went with the cap sleeve version with the pockets. With not using a New Look before knocked up a toile of the bodice- glad I did as I miss read the final measurements and it were rather snug. The usual lengthening and back reduction was needed, but the front still didn't sit right so out came the darts, and so did the felt tip! Basically, I stood in front of the mirror and drew all over myself and pinned in surplus material... Not sure if thats quite what you're supposed to do, but it appears to fit okay and feels comfy. 
The pattern matching is not brilliant, but was the best I could do with the amount of fabric I'd got. The fabric requirements were 2mtr - which is what I had... one side of the selvage... but the cut line had gone awry .. to 1.75mtr!   
The fabric itself has got a fair bit of body to it, but with cream as the main colour it needed lining. For this I splashed right out; it's in the honour of a wedding, so a lightweight silk seemed quite the done thing .... at £8.50per mtr (more than the flippin dress!) but I love it- ooohhhh its soft and ... silky!!! I thought I would extend this extravagance by doing french seams around the arms.. and mighty pleased I am too.
I even hand stitched the lining around the zip, waist and hem of the main skirt- for me that is a major achievement, as hand sewing is definitely not by bag and therefore dislike with a passion. 


 I do really love the dress, I did think about getting my wedding shoes out and dying them peacock green - but there not that comfy now ( can your feet change shape?)

 I can see me making this dress up quite a few times - its such a great shape, especially now that  I've got a basic bodice that fits (will try and  play around with the dart placement)   

 So, here to wishing Roisin and Nic a wonderful wedding day, may the sunshine throughout their marriage. XXXX