Monday, 14 April 2014

Just what the Dr. ordered

Yes,  its official I have man must be; it originated from hubby and lasting for two weeks now (with little sign of shifting!!) large sniff of snot 'n' sympathy. Even got to the stage where I couldn't sew- sharp intake of breath !!!!( well  I would if I could but would just start coughing and choking:((
Anyhow, the feelings of misery have been temporarily lifted with not one but two parcels arriving with the postman. 

First up was the prize winnings from the Sew Dramatic, Sew Gabriloa  competition @Stitch 56  my skirt entry managed to rack up 75 votes all thanks to my amazing friends and family- so i really owe this one to them.  With the winning voucher, I ordered two further Sewaholic patterns- the Alma blouse and Cambie dress- I love the shape of both of these and have seen plenty of posts that have inspired me to follow suit. I was torn on my choice of By Hand London, this was between the Elisalex dress or Charlotte Skirt, as you can see, Elisalex won but I'm sure it won't be long before I have a Charlotte in my possession. I am determined to make some trousers before long, so my faith is resting on Collette's Juniper trousers. 
The other bits n bobs, are various bag hardware, I have recently been lucky enough to test the pattern for a Retro Rucksack for Sara @ Radianthome studio    ( not blogged about this yet as I thought it best to wait for Sara to launch) but as a sneeky update ( It fab!!!) 
Sneak preview- My version  

My other delightful parcel was a belated mothersday gift- (it could even of been a bit of a guilt trip I put hubby on after my birthday(another story) I am now the "very proud" owner to a pair of Gingher 8" sprung loaded shears - and they are AMAZING - hot knife in butter doesn't come close to these bad boys.  

So lots to be getting on with, once I'm back in the sewzone. 

Thanks for dropping by - hope to have some posts up very soon .xxx