Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Skirt No.2 Blue Brocade

Okay, next up was a more formal approach- I purchased this Vogue 7937 as there are five designs to chose from and very much my day to day work wear.

Went for view B 

The blue brocade I fell in love with - with its tiny paisley print and a two-tone effect of gold and turquoise Bought  from the Fancy Silk Store in Birmingham - great place- you can easily spend a couple of hours in there mooching; think they've got used to me now spending ages in there and not with the intent of hitching a roll up me jumper!! (apparently this has been known  WT>>>) 

Remember spending a Sunday morning putting this together, so so slowly. All the seam edges were over-locked... then realised "Muppet time" all the notches had been sliced off!!! 
All seemed to go together pretty well regardless, and was pleased with the top stitching along the seam lines.  
None of the skirts are lined so cut round front & back before attaching these together, but once again a learning curve moment - should be cut a fair bit shorter in length-OOOPS

So here's the finished item 
Not many pics as I never thought I'd be sharing this type of thing

Sorry poor picture 

Love |Button Detailing 
Then .....
has this ever happened to anybody?
Shrunk in the wash .. or did the lining stretch!!

I always pre-wash (more mishaps to be posted on this subject at a later date)  prior to sewing up, so not a clue what happened. 

Wasn't going to bin it just yet - So up went that bad boy