Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Spotty Number

If you can remember sunshine and warmth from last year then this is what came next. Oh, before I go on I had discovered SewDirect wooo sweetie shop revisited. Two free Vogue patterns when you sign up for  a membership...no brainer! Here was one of my patterns V8872


Went for View F - quite fancied a swirly skirt for the latter part of the summer- so off to Birmingham again and picked up a Rose & Hubble blue spot for £3.99 mtr from Silk Store (not too sure on composite, a poly-viscose? soft, silky n floppy- something I'd really like to brush up on) had already got some White Satin left over from the practice run on an Irish Dress 

It was all  fairly straight construction wise; main problems encountered were seam puckering with the  fabric- used fine needle and shorter stitches-have researched various tips since but never quite get it perfect when using fine fabrics; do you know how to get truly flat seams?  prompts keenly welcomed. The other area was putting in the zip- not one of my greatest fortes, but it was more on the inside as the pattern had instructed doing the back seam prior to insertion and I had then trimmed etc. 

I quite liked the finished result, wasn't too sure about the asymmetric shoulder area to start with, thought it looked as though I had just done them lop-sided or needed to hitch the left side up all the time- verdict at work- SUCCESS lots of oooo's and arrrrs, even a visitor in the ladies said it had caught her eye when I swooshed through the office ( I assume she meant in a good way and don't physically- don't think I got that close to her!! heheheh)      

See what I mean about the shoulder bit - or may-be it just me I like balance & symmetry 

Love the detail on the dipped back

So there we have item number 3. speed and enthusiasm building all the time