Sunday, 23 February 2014

How it all started

There has always been an attraction to sewing and the idealism of creating distinctive "stuff";  but early efforts were somewhat squashed by my sewing teacher at school... non of this nature nurture malarky. After cutting out a fine blue checked wool ( that was tutted at, to start with!) for a skirt in the first lesson, my interest was heighten and I decided to "have a go" at home - well, one seam after another and, was finished and it fit -whoo was I was pretty dam proud! 
The following week the reaction form teacher was rather different... bawled out in the front of the class "you stupid girl, now what will you do for the next 6 weeks?" ( Dilly the Dash Draft Excluders' apparently-anybody remember them?).
From then on, the odd pattern was dabbled with, but was never really happy with the finish on the inside- seam allowances, I loved making curtains etc. for home especially in the swags-n-tail era. Then 3 years ago, I ended up making Gold Satin Knickers for my daughters Irish dance group after been quoted £20.00 a pair! Some how this lead on to creating little replica/adaptations of costumes from Lord of the Dance for them. 
Lord of the Dance 
Finale at Hyde Park  

Red dress of Morrighan

The Little Spirit
Adaptation of Saoirse

12 little versions of Cletic Kiss 
Original Celtic Kiss 

I then plucked up the courage to attempt a Solo dress for my daughter, (these dresses can be very elaborate and expensive anywhere from £400-1500) the result... well my life, it weren't half bad! 
The first practise dress 

Since then I have been asked to create and make for others. 
Realising that my love of sewing was growing and growing...( with little sign of is stopping).I began to think that may-be I'd out grown my lovely Janome. So, I eyed up the MC9900 at the Sewing for Pleasure show, but whoo what a price- would need to work on hubby. However, this was easier than first thought, after lots & lots of research just to make sure that this was the model I really wanted/needed I found Paul at Rona sewing machines- fabulous customer service.  
I then went on to "have a go" at making myself some items and...yes, I actually enjoy wearing them-people seem genuinely shocked that I have made them and proceed to provide me with lovely compliments...(isn't it sooo nice when that happens)  
I know I still have a very long way with honing my skills, but in the meantime I am enjoying the journey. I plan on uploading projects that have been completed so far and comment on the patterns used and issues that occurred, to use as my own working diary and if this happens to help, aid or inspire others then all the better.