Sunday, 31 May 2015

So what's been Learnt in the final round-up in M-M-May

There it is, there it went, a whole month whoosh.. gone! 
My first participation of Made-Me-May and on reflection its been pretty good fun over-all, doing what it said on the tin...
1) Slight waning on the daily selfie taking...tick 
2) Posed a good review of the O' apparel needs, wants and oh dear.. BIG tick 
3) The bonus feature-found some great new sewing buddies along the way...  double double tick. 
So here's the round up of this week. 
Bank Holiday Monday 
Catching up with few jobs at the studio- my newly and firmly loved Hudsons and White lace neck tee   
Bit of sunshine about so the Gabriola got its first airing,  so loved wearing this again and has inspired me to make another for this year- teamed with the 2nd outing for the Peter Pan Super Hero top  

Second wear for self draft skirt- little well a lot disappointed with this, some how the fabric has acquired lots of small pulls and snags so will be demoted to a knock around the house wearing item 

Black & White reversible wool blend  spot skirt 

This is where I started to stumble at the final hurdle, nearly forgot to selfie take so settled with Christmas PJ's pleas excuse the ironed in or folded creases! Bottom two pics are of new top seen later in post 

BIG FAT FAIL .. really CBA to take pic and post but it was Hudson pants again ..  I seriously cant get over how much in LOVE with these guys I am, much to the disgust of my kids who think they are ridiculous ( or just me in them!)  but I don't care a tuppence more are planned!!!! they were  teamed with with pink blouse  

Felt like getting dressed up a bit today a good excuse to wear n share my new make that will be bloged in full later on - I desperately need to sew a holiday wardrobe over the next few weeks and this is my first all made from let over scraps! whoo    

So what's been learnt from this exercise then...? 
1) I need a more relaxed look; now that my job front has changed I no longer need "officy" type wear ( hoorraaaa!) 
2) Dresses I don't wear them much, something to think on or perhaps more the styling of dress, already eyeing up the Davie dress from Sewaholic 
3) I love the colour red so why the hell have I got so little of it, especially a top of some form
4) A distinct absence of trousers ...what's going on how come these have been over looked! ahah ..a good reason for more Hudson's :)  but also "proper" trousers i have some patterns but research is under way 

what about you then - what has your MMM 15 exposed for you? 

love to hear 
. XX Amanda XX