Saturday, 9 May 2015

Nellie's on Parade

I do believe this has to be the cutest top I currently posses in my wardrobe.I'd wanted to showcase some of the fabric we have on sale at the Studio and although probably a smidgen bias, I have to say, in all honesty that sewing with Sevenberry cotton's is definitely one of life pleasures.

For a fun summer top, Elephants on Grey and Baby Buddies pink seemed the perfect choice -Don't you just love the little random blue birds perched on the head every so often! 

Pattern choice was Butterick options 6185. I was drawn to this when it was first released by the double collar- didn't realise that the trousers and skirt were elasticated, so they will probably never see the light of day, not quite ready for that styling feature just yet- but I do plan on making the dress version for my jolly-bobs in the summer.   
Dreaming of my summer jollies?
Construction wise was very straight forward, bust darts and vertical  back seam; didn't even bother with a FBA due to the loose fit so went with a straight size 12 with a regular forward thrust shoulder alteration. It was still a tad roomy for my liking so I took the back and side seams in a smidgen or 1/4 inch ( that's a smidgen in my world) .  
I had some grey satin bias tape left over from another project, what it was  I cant quite recall but there was just enough to finish the arm hole edge-
 Gives a nice finishing touch don't you think? 
My impression of an elephant asking for a bun please!!  
Excuse the tangent shoot off here but it is slightly related.. honest! What d'you think of the Cath Kidston bag I made? squirrels with their nuts!!! lined in the prettiest ditsy flowers -The relation to this post is that the fabric are both Sevenberry, which is what made me make my Nellie top! 
I made this up as a proto-type for Kate who was joining the studio and wanted to make it.  
Sewing with the Sevenberry fabric was such a pleasure, its' what convinced me that a top would be a doddle and a pleasure to sew  and wear. 
The Cath Kidston pattern from her latest book,its surprisingly large and roomy and would highly recommend- being lovely,I decided to give the bag to my fabo Sister who lives in Canada, but did sweat a little when it took a whole 5 weeks to arrive!!! Think the carrier pigeon must have gone the long way around.        
Kate's Version - in Dashwood Studio  Fabric-Geo segments and baby seedlings - adorable

That's all for now - Have a great weekend everybody  xxx