Sunday, 17 May 2015

An even faster whirl-wind round-up for wk 2 #MMM15

Phew well don't know about you but what a week ...manic at its best - how have you all been doing on your MMM15 challenge then? I have to admit starting to find it a bit tedious taking the selfies every day- but on a negative/positive... my god I need some plain colour block items in my wardrobe- of which I have started and planed but it SO HARD i love patterns and prints!!!
here goes then-
day 10 - McCalls I didn't promise you a rose garden shorts  

Day 11- Peter-pan goes super hero top and first ever me make Burda red circle skirt 

Day 12 - a trip-out to complete a  days CPD- (continual professional development) 
in Burda tough love VERY baggy trousers  not blog posted in detail here 
and the first of my must staple plains - Not yet bloged but very much loved already lace neck jersey tee 

Oh and this what was involved in my CPD day - pretty amazing don't you think - the dress is made from 501 black plastic gloves!!!


 Day 13 - The sun was  out so it called for something Bright and simple - Sew serendipity skirt and Butterick tee 
Day 14 - and a down turn in weather - so check me out in appliqué rose skirt for my trip to the Chiropractor 

Day 15 - self-draft circle skirt not yet posted " Oh" and a sneak peak pic of  the fruits of my very much loved and excited purchase cover machine EEEEKKK  and the 2nd outing of white lace neck tee - told you I needed plains 

 OK this is what I have been working on most of the week - a revamped Irish dance dress - made 18 mnths ago but little madame grew!! lol so all took apart let out sleeves down and a new skirt along with 500 more crystals :)
 Day 16 - relaxed afternoon down the studio cutting fat quarters in baby cord appliqué pear skirt adaptation of Sew serendipity skirt and Dashwood studio made belt ( un-blog posted) 

and here we go the final for this week - Day 17 - 2nd outing for leatherette skirt and Landmark knit double collar sweat 

Hope you've ll had a great week - 
bye for now xxx Amanda