Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hurricane Made-Me-May

Here we are again then folks - hope you've all had an amazaballs week with your Made-Me-May challenges - loving the IG  postings. 
Quick round up with a few re-wears 
Monday- had a double dose for MMM15  
By day .(Butterick retro tulip dress for a Quality day ( included my annual performance review...gulp think I did okay.
For the evening  my favourite duchess satin and flower lace Elisalex  for a Majors banquet!!  

                                                                                                                                            Another Quality day out - starting to flag taking the selfies which I'm sure we all feel at this time of the month. This was an early make of a Vogue classic beige skirt with pink stripes teamed with Butterick pink blouse 
Tulip jersey skirt ( never bloged for some reason) and cream shantung cami with lace top 

Starting to feel the love again in my bicycle top and head band 
 Oh and had to throw this in ... I've been dead naughty and treated myself to a cover machine!!!! EEEEKKKK just getting to grips with it but so far swoooooon xxxx
Mooching about in Denim tunic dress and Newly made and totally loved lace neck tee ( still not bloged but fairly ..YAWN ) 

A lovely day with my baby- an Irish Feis in Oxford- wore Leatherette skirt (worn once before this month) and the Eiffel trifle top

slob out day well sewing lots I even got to finish my Hudson Pants !! whoo so thats what i wore 

So there we go a round up of week 3! a coulpe of re-wears and I'm  really starting to find my gaps and where i want to go next with my wardrobe :)

- just a wee share on the dancing as proud mummy moment here  - she's been out for 6wks or more with an injury - her dance teacher didn't think she would be going so hadn't worked on her "stuff" - but you cant keep a jigger from jigging! she's not had a particularly good season so told her to go out, relax, enjoy it and we weren't bothered if she came last! 
 WELL blow me - she got recall (that means the top 50% get to dance a 3rd dance) errr...yes she was!! came 4th in a light round and 7th overall (one judge had even placed her joint 1st after the first two dances) well this all probably sounds totally gobbly gouch for those not in this world but WHOOOOOOO but a few daft moments were had 

 Have a great last week Guys - till next week XXXX Amanda XXX