Sunday, 1 March 2015

Show-Stopper V Wrestling Glamour

Update are a couple of commissions I've been working on and just had to share with you. Hope you likey. 
First up is this dress alteration and serious "flounce-up " is there such a word?? The commission was for the birthday party of my client..Sue. It was to be a red-carpet glitz 'n'glamour through the era's theme and she had a clear vision of  a 20's look of what she wanted to achieved for herself. 
This beautiful navy lace evening gown was to be the basis of the look and had been purchased from a boutique in Ireland, Initial fitting alterations were required to create a perfect fit, so with a deep breath and a little Dutch courage the back zip was taken out and reinsert, bust darts added to eliminate the risky gaps at the side and with three layers if fabric this equated to 6 in total! and finally shortening the hem ..all three layers.

Then came the fun part... 1000 crystals, 2 pots of  glass beads, 2 meters of blue netting, 8 pheasant feathers 6 meters of diamanté trim later this was the result...

The crystals around the base of the gown were hot-fix so relatively straight forward, just had to watch the placement on the lace as they would slip through to the under layer  if not careful; the glass-beads on the bust and chiffon waist panel were hand sewn!! whoo somewhat time consuming but once a rhythm was found I was on a roll. 
Well, she asked for a show-stopper - do you think I delivered? 

Next up ... oooh hold your breath.. steady your pose - wrestling gear!! It's a burden I fear, but alas someone has to dress these fit young guys! My brief was a robe like Ric Flair - nope I'd not heard of him either but quite au-fait now. Well-known in the wrestling world for his flamboyant robes a recreation or as near to one was the spec of the day.   

Butterick 5537 gave the basic format and I really do mean basic- It could have been easier to have drafted a pattern from scratch after the front lapel was redrafted to produce a wider and pronounced collar as was the sleeve to create a fabulous bell flare and the overall length slashed at two points to provide over 20 inches in length. 
This boarder embroidery design was used to edge the entire robe - each one took 35 minutes to align, load and stitch-out, 32 were completed in-total.. yowsa!  

An array and close to 1800 crystals were applied throughout along with these awesome crystal and bead appliqué motifs, which were sourced on a trip to a recent trade-show; these did however have to be hand stitched on due to their sheer weight and the thick pile of the velvet would never of with-stood or stayed put with fabric glue.  

Completion of the robe was cut fine to say the least -  hemming the bottom at 5.30pm as it was due to debut at 7.30pm! just in time I think that's called! 

So without further ado, let me introduce to you in all his glory Eddy Woods  - 

Last but not least is Adam Idol I was asked if I would make him some tights, and on agreeing and giving a rough estimate of meterage required, the pair of them went off fabric shopping! I would so of loved to of been a fly on the wall for that shopping trip - I was presented with a bag of fabric containing  pink, black and sliver velour Lycra- my mission, appliqué  pink over original singlet, apply name to leg and hands to the butt! Oh yes, I can confirm they are my hand-prints and placement was required through fitting. 
Understandably, I have had a ball creating these outfits. I was utterly proud to see them both in action when sat in the front row, think I have found a new interest in slam wrestling. 
I leave you with this action shot!