Sunday, 22 March 2015

Go wild for the basics

I'm doing my damnedest to keep up with the posts but when you can whip up one of these skinny t-tops  in a couple of hours, well it just don't help the situation! 
Simplicity 1325  is my new best-friend, having already made the tunic-dress and the T once before. 
Don't know about you, but once a pattern has been made-up, there's  always modifications that I think ..." ooo next time..." and the T was no exception.                                                                                                     

First time around, I thought the neck was a little high, the arm length OK (it didn't help my messing up the cuff and having to shave off an inch!) and the the fit ..well it fit! 

So this time round, I dug out this beautifully soft pink jersey out of the stash and decided to give it a gentler more relaxed look, to tame the animal side of it.
I traced off the pattern, did a FBA to give the boys some room, lowered the neckline and lengthened the sleeves by 3 inches! 

It was so quick to put together, as construction took place on the over-locker. 

 I was really chuffed with the neck band and approached it slightly differently to the pattern instructions. I know I should have taken pics for those of us who are more visual learners and will do next time around making this but here's the wordy version.  

  • Over-lock on long edge of neck band
  • On inside apply an inch wide band of stretch fusible interfacing around the neck edge
  • Stay stitch on top along the seam line 
  • On right side, pin raw edge of neck band along stay stitching (start at centre back ) 
  • Join the band at centre back 
  • Stitch band on 1/4 in away from stay stitching
  • Cut away seam allowance to 1/4 
  • Turn over band so finished edge is on inside and covers the stitch line 
  • From right side stitch in ditch catching the underside of band ...

 Voilà- one neat neck band  

I love the slouched cuff effect 

The only downside to this top ( there has to be one doesn't there! :( )
was the pattern placement- I just didn't have enough fabric to be able to get the print down the centre back - boohoo - I can live with this as I cant see it - and everyone else says that unless pointed out it not obvious ( to the untrained eye!)
So there we have it folks - one very easy to construct and easier to wear T-top 

Thanks for stopping by - till next time XX Amanda XX