Sunday, 29 March 2015

Daisy Daisy, Give me your answer do....

I was going to post about a skirt I made back in January but I'm so god darn excited to share this one with you, I just couldn't wait. 
I'm the first to admit that I'm generally a bit slow out the old starting blocks on most things and this one is no exception- the Elisalex dress from BHL  has been around for sometime now, with many a fabulous example out there.                  
The fact that I've sat on this pattern for a whole year is shameful, especially after acquiring it from the winnings of Stitch 56's Sew Dramatic, Sew Gablorola competition-  my entry here    
So why sew it now? Well it was all a bit by default really, getting slightly side-tracked in the fabric store (Barry's) (as you do) I totally fell for this sequinned daisy lace; after much deliberation...about a nano second, it was cut and coming home with me, along with this gold duchess satin. 
Initial plans was to make Vogue 8766 yet a niggle in the back of my head told me the weight of the two fabrics wouldn't quite work. Like a pig snuffling in a trough, I plunged into the ever growing pattern stash...hmmm I wonder, a refresh of internet reviews ...sold! The Elisalex dress was shown the light of day.
Now I was still very weary about this pattern, lets face it - the shape...lets make our hips and arse's bigger girls...really!  Then just to add a little more pressure I wanted it made in 3 days time!!! you see, It was my birthday in the week and having such fabo fabric, my mission if accepted was to get it knocked up ready for a night out - you just have too, don't you?  

Well, fopaux number 1 and a Bridget Jones the pattern sizes carefully!   I ended up tracing and making up a toile (thankfully) in an American size 12 UK 8!!! Hmmm  a tad tight you don't say! Three toiles later and I was fairy happy with the fit; 

Alterations consisted of: 
  • FBA on princess seams by 2 cm 
  • Forward thrusting shoulder 1 cm 
  • Small back and gaping manipulation = various  
  • Bodice lengthening 3 cm 
  • Reduced skirt length by 19 cm 
So we are now Saturday morning and due to go for dinner that evening...#GBSB had nothing on me haha! how they do it I never know. I sewed and I sewed (a 40 minute break to do the dance run interrupted at one point) and I sewed. Lace sleeves had been planned but hey, needs must when against the clock and I actually prefer the finished result without.   

So here it is my birthday suit on its first outing - I totally LOVE it; if you have not got, done or simply over looked this dress, then  it's a big fat MUST. There are some adorable features to this dress 
 Stitching the lace seams proved quite tough on the poor over-locker, breaking 3 needles in the process, so had to go incredibly slow over the sequinned daisies 
The lace mesh was trimmed away around the hem, level with the satin, leaving the daisies to "flutter" as a half over hang.
I was pretty chuffed to get the back fitting as well as it does and oooooo those deep box pleats - so stylishxx
 I love this dress pattern so much I already have another one half cut out as a day version with sleeves this time, guess what I'm using too ...a curtain!
So long for now then -I will post the curtain make asap - in the meantime have a super weekend or what's left of it, seem's we have lost a precious hour of it here in the UK with British summer time moving forward a hour 
Love Amanda  xxx