Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bright 'n' Simple

Hello there fellow sewers - long time no blog;  Where oh where does the time go to? family, decorating and the elephant in the room! aka, an Irish Dance dress I have recently been working on.  
Unfortunately, this came back to haunt me as it was a bit big around the hip/tummy area so had to take the whole skirt off (twice!!), gggghhhhrrrrrr - I seriously questioned my sewing abilities...

not sure if I can bring myself to blog about this one just yet..the wounds are too, too raw!!!

Anyhow, it was an absolute must for a sanity leveler, to tackle something that required very little use of the brain cells... Enter drrrrr the TNT "sew serendipity" skirt first sewn here 

It can only be said that the weather here has been total pants and the torture of that dress meant much cheering up was needed. I find sorting and folding the old fabric stash very soothing and rekindles the inspiration juices. I can't remember if these were Michael Miller fabrics but the bright colours and the opportunity to play around with contrasting prints was just the ticket to lift the sewing mood.   
I had planned on adding the yellow piping down the side seams as well as on the pockets, but I flashbacks of the late 70's/early 80's cigarette jeans... the ones that had coloured piping down the sides, changed that thought  plus to be honest I just CBA!

(excuse the bare walls - decorating ..another long job I fear)  
I'm really pleased with the outcome, considering it was put together in a day; the pattern matching was more luck than judgment  across the centre front and pockets and if you look closely there are a couple of areas through the sides that could/should have been matched better.
The pattern comes up pretty big so cut a medium out this time and still ended up taking a lot of the A-line out as it was baggy on the centre back and front panels. Semi concealed the zip so the gold teeth are shown better when worn. 
Pattern matching "WHAT" pattern matching! 
It's one of those items that  can be dressed up or down, flat pumps and t-shirt or high heels, blouse.  With this much colour there loads to  be teamed up uptop... more sewing opportunities yeah!!  

Well that's about it for this post, have lots in the pipeline so hoping to keep on top of the posts, so long for now., thanks for dropping by. 
 Thought I'd leave you with these strange pics! not sure what we were saying or doing but fun:)