Saturday, 7 June 2014

I Want To Ride My Bicycle...


Here we go, like waiting for a bus for ages then .. two blogs in a week turn up! This little treasure was put together last week; cut out Fri evening, sewn together Saturday and worn on Sunday. 
Totally fell in love with the little bicycles on this fabric, was one of a "couple" of pieces I picked up at the Sewing for Pleasure Show back in March. Actually, looking at this photo I'm not doing too bad, got through six pieces so far from this "collection"!

As I'm trying to build my wardrobe up with some everyday wear items, the sleeveless shirt of Simplicity's -Cynthia Rowley (seen bottom left) was the pattern of  choice. 
I pondered on the sizing and whether to do a FBA on this, but the yearn to just cut 'n' sew was too great, so went with a regular size 14  knowing I'd have plenty of room to play with. Not the best approach, but hey, there were no sewing cops about!

After sewing in the darts, the shoulder and side seams were basted together just to check fit- as usual the back was too big, so cut this down to a size 12 and performed the now regular horizontal back adjustment. 

There's not an awful left to say about the make-up of this, apart from EASY. In went the collar, followed by the front/neck facing, top stitched the hem and then inserted the arm bands. There is a choice of two finishes that can be applied to this shirt, fringed or self bias. Somewhere along the line of my recent sewing thoughts, I have decided pledged to add small finishes/detailing to all of my makes from now on, so the fringed edge fulfilled this whim, along with the alternating coloured buttons. 
 It started to rain, just for a change, here in the Midlands when we took photos  
 And ended up retreating inside 

As this top has a retro(ee) feel to it, I thought it would be fun to make a headscarf/band out of the scrap left overs- I totally love it- Hubby says I look like a  Hilda Ogden throwback and a male colleague at work nearly peed himself and now refers to me as Daisy Duck!!! Hummm, any other advancements... or should it be relegated to the ....bin? 

Hope you all have a good weekend xx