Thursday, 15 May 2014

"When I grow up, Mummy say's I'm going to be a proper little Madam" If not already... Three Easter makes.

Hello again, trying to keep up with posting my makes, but hasn't helped from being poorly for what seems like forever... at least I've managed to keep the sewing needle going.  Thought I'd share these few makes from Easter with you- bit of a cheat, 3 in 1 but hey they're all pretty simple and for the same person... my daughter, Bryony, who must be the most pernickety client  you could ever wish (or not) to make for !!!!
Although I have made her Irish dance costumes here, I have not really made her any "clothes"- as she pointed out to me on several occasions of late. 
Now I know she's only nine, and probably hasn't got much forward vision of looking at a piece of fabric and imagining it made up - but really when you get " well make it up and I'll see if I like it enough to wear" ... WT !!!!!!!  it does put you off a tad.
Make No.1 
Anyhow, after much consultation of shape, fit, length etc. with my wee client, it was decided that the end result was to be a lengthened bodice version with soft gather rather than pleats using the New Look 6089
Each step was fitted and every detail double checked- she said she was happy each time - loved the sleeves, the length was good, yellow lining cute.... this was the result.. 

Action shots of twirl effect 

3-4days after making, I asked why she hadn't worn it... "well may-be it could be a little tighter!!"AGGGGRRRHHHHH a few deep breaths and a pact never to make her anything again ( I'm such a bad mother) I duly unpicked and refitted "tighter". 
Still not wearing it weeks on, she now informs me that "perhaps I'm just a little too old for dresses like these!"  I swear the patients of the devil was required with that one. 
Make No.2
Trying not to be undeterred from this and having a BIG thumbs up from both pattern and fabric choice, Who doesn't like Michael Miller- Huh?.  I cracked on with this little backless romper number from McCall's 6677             
Obviously material sewn up like a dream- lengthened the body and crotch - I swear my kids are genetically modified in height! ( my son is 12, 5ft 5: size 9 shoes... estimated full height of 6ft4!! woo)  The pattern really is straightforward with little tweaking needed- result (see the bigger smiles in these pics!!) 

Sassy Poser !!!!

 placed cute little heart shaped buttons on front 

Final make No 3 
A school dress  was the last make, I did wonder if it was really worth it, as you can pick these up so cheap from the supermarket these days but looking around, they were all pretty shapeless and ugly and not all that cheap; to get any decent length on a dress for Bryony, we have to go up countless sizes which mean they are pretty big everywhere else  which poses the fussy element as she prefers more fitted styles in her clothes ( my trait I suppose). She agreed that she really liked the sleeves of the butterfly dress but wanted a more skimming line as she didn't want the risk of skirt wafting from rogue gusts of wind in the playground  (unlike her mother here
Using the  New Look pattern from above, I draft a bodice and extended it to a full length, angling the sides out. Reversed the opening, by cutting the back on the fold and the fronts as separates with a zip closure. Went with a Peter-pan collar to give a smarter edge and contrast. Finally to give the dress a bit more shape, I made a placket type bar to take up the excess and completed with two  decorative buttons  that were found lurking in the pot. What you think? 


There we go then 3 makes for a diva -  don't think i've done too bad though, as she's put  further request list in !! will have to get used to her demands quirks 
Hoping to get back to some sewing for me very soon,  but just finishing off a costume for some one on the circuit - to be shown in a later blog  but as a sneak preview to leave you with ...