Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Getting my Kicks on Route 66

A quick little post; 1) because this is the third post in less than two weeks (unbelievable) and 2) there's not that much to say about this make!
I ran this Butterick 5354 up about three weeks ago on a selfish sew evening - I seem to be doing lots of other sewing to do with either craft projects or for others lately and quite frankly I was feeling neglected and deprived. all together now awwwww. 
The remedy- a speedy stretch jersey top to satisfy the cravings. The fabric is from Barry's in Birmingham- it's super soft and I loved the American vibe going on in the pattern. 

If My memory serves me correct,  I cut a straight size 10 as this is classed as a loose fit top and I prefer a slightly more fitted style, especially with the "wearing ease" this fabric gives you. 
Check me out ...I can say that now, I went on a course a couple of weeks ago ( info to blog about later) but as a small point I learnt about considering pattern design wearing ease and fabric ease! - pretty obvious now but huzzar its certainly helped on the sizing side of things.

Any how with just four pattern pieces, this was soon thrown together. 
The pleats are slightly lost in the print of the fabric but who cares! 
I know they're there :) 

If I make this again- which I'm pretty sure I will, I may lengthen the body and sleeves by 1/2 inch. There're kinda fine as they are, but being a lazy bum I left the sleeves and hip line as an over-locked finish. I quite like the casual finish and after wearing a few times now I think if they had of been hemmed up they potentially could be border line short (my excuse and sticking to it!)
  Well there we go short 'n' sweet -

Posting this it has made me conscious that tops have played a prominent part of late; with one other to post and one on the sewing table that's been finished off! May-be it's because they are quick fixes, fulfil the gratification mood and work the wardrobe well- do you have an item that you hone into, for a quick fix?
I have plenty of patterns and fabric lined up, raring to get they're stitches into skirts, dress', trousers and a jacket  even- so note to self - must get more focused!

Bye for now, thanks for stopping by- Amanda X