Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Eiffel that needed a triffle taming!

Yawn, Yawn, Yawn... apologies... another top!! In my defence this was made last month when I were still in top mode.. "clutching my straws tight!"
B5610, Misses' Top
Butterick 5610's older sibling was delivered back here in the summer, and it has to be said been worn lots n lots. With this in mind, it only seemed fair to let the other version poke its snout out of the packet to do its stuff!...only nearly turned out to be the runt of the litter!
A smidgen of the blame here has to be proportioned on the makers choice of fabric here... don't they say a bad tradesman always blames his tools! 
Still learning my fabric mixes, it's definitely cotton but with a hint of poly! but not as much as a full poly-cotton if you get my drift ... making sense? anyway, the result, a whisp too much of (un)reasonable body to it. Blowing caution to the wind and loving the little Eiffel's I ploughed on regardless. In fact I liked it that much,I bought more in this colour way !! Bad me !
The main problem with the body in the fabric were the pleats, boy did they "bellow out"... I managed to create an effect that was more of like the sails of the Black Pig (Captain Pugwash- any body remember it?)  

Scratchy head moment and pattern instructions read...over n over, yep them pleats  were only supposed to be anchored top n bottom.These beasties needed to be battened down.
Not wanting to see top stitching on the front and retain a pleat affect, a line of stitches were run along the pleats on the inside edges...
Simple in itself one would think!-HAHA had two stuffed up goes! .. its that reverse mirror thing. .. you never done that when you looking at a garment and end up getting left n right cofuzzled?
The result then, a much tamer version me thinks and on the plus side wearable.
I added a couple of darts in the back to give it a little more shaping and had a random black button knocking around so placed this on the neckline for added detail.

 Outcome ..I really like the top but to be picky ( as we all are!), either the neck band/collar is a tad too big or the stiffness encourages it stand out a little hmmm!
will consider making this again but in a much draper fabric to do a little compare and contrast exercise.

Thanks for dropping by: Happy sewing Amanda XX